All Prices are per pound


Bacon  10
Sausage Loose 8
Sausage Links 9
Sausage Patties 9
Scrapple 6

Breakfast Sausage Flavors:  Traditional Sage Country Sausage & Maple


Chops 8
Tenderloin 10
Ribs Baby Back 9
Ribs Spare 7


Ham Roast Smoked & Cured 7
Ham Steaks Smoked & Cured 7
Ham Hocks Smoked & Cured 5
Ground Ham 6


Shoulder Roasts 7
Dinner Sausage Links 9
Dinner Sausage Loose 8

Dinner Sausage Flavors: Sweet & Hot Italian, Cheddar Brats, Crabby Brats, Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa, Pepper Onion & Cheese.

All Prices are per pound


Ground Beef  8
Hamburger 3- 1/3 lb patties 9
Chip Steak 9


Arm Pot Roast 9
Chuck Roast 9
Sirloin Tip Roast 10
Bottom Round 9
Rump Roast 9
Top Round Roast 10
London Broil 10
Tri Tip Roast 12
Brisket 9


Bone in Rib Steak 21
Porterhouse 20
T Bone 19
Sirloin/Sirloin tip 12
Filet Steak 25
Flank Steak 12
Skirt Steak 12
Flat Iron 13
NY Strip 20


Stew Meat 8
Shin Meat 5
Marrow Bones 4
Liver 4

Beef and Pork



How do you raise your cows & pigs?
We raise all our animals with the best feed and care to ensure healthy animals and a great tasting product.  Our Beef is pasture raised with winter pastures planted in a mix of grasses, legumes and brassicas that still grow in the cold winter months.  During the summer months we offer pastures planted with millet that grows as tall as the cattle at times along with clover and other summer grasses.  Our cattle are also offered free choice of Sudangrass Hay.  We supplement the herd with salt minerals and grain. 
Our pigs are pasture raised with lots of shade for the hot summer months.  The have free choice of grain and cool water which they love to waste to make mud puddles to wallow in. 

Do you butcher on farm?
Because we sell our meats with the USDA label we are required to use a USDA butcher.  We transport our animals to Delaware and pick up the product in a freezer trailer when its ready.

Where can I purchase Horsmon Farm Meats? 
Mostly our meats our sold in our subscription program through the summer.  The second biggest seller for our meats is during the fall.  Occasionally, we can offer custom cut whole and half beef or pork.  We currently have a wait list.  Let us know if you are interested in being added to the wait list.  Sales for our Summer Subscription Program start in the Spring around Easter and run until sold out.  We can also sell by the cut on farm when we have cuts available. Call ahead to see what is available. 

Call for Availability 443-532-5761

If you are looking to stock up your freezer custom cut whole or half beef and pork is a great way to do that!  Email us and we can add you to the wait list. 

Next butcher date will be in the fall for whole and half orders.  Pricing is subject to change, and will not be set until closer to butcher time.

Whole/Half Beef & Pork