Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?
For our Easter Events ticket sales are online only.  A physical ticket is not necessary.  We can check you in by your receipt or by name.

What age kids can participate in the Egg Hunt?
Any age!  While our hunt is designed with younger kids in mind.  We know there are some older kids that may enjoy participating too.  Depending on the group we have ready to hunt we may break the group into older and younger kids or make up rules to keep it fair and fun for all. 

How frequent are the Easter Egg Hunts?
The Easter Egg Hunts will run continuously throughout the day.  We have other activities to do while you wait for the next one to get started.

Are the eggs filled and can my child keep the eggs they find?
The eggs are not filled and must be returned. We offer an exciting way for the kids to return the eggs at the Egg Drop.  On your way out stop by the flower planting station for a gift bag the kids can take with them. 

What if it rains?
We have well drained soil, so it doesn’t stay muddy here for long. We will stay open during light rain or passing showers.  In the event of all day down pours please check our website and Facebook page for updates to whether we are closing. If we decide to close we will either refund or reschedule your tickets.  

What is your refund policy?
Just call us if you cannot make your reservation at least one day in advance and we will be happy to reschedule you for another day/time.  We do not offer refunds. 

What animals are in the petting zoo during the Easter Event?
The animals we plan to have available are Bunnies, Goats, Lamb, Donkey.  Animals you may see on the farm are Ducks, Cows, Pigs and Chickens.  The care of our animals is our second priority (your family’s safety is our first) and if we see one of our animals that is not happy to be part of the petting zoo, we may move them to another part of the farm to give them a “day off”.

How long is the farm trail? 
The farm trail is about ½ mile long.  It goes by both of our farm ponds, through the woods and crosses two streams. There are some steep hills and unlevel grounds, we do not recommend strollers.  We have signs telling the story of how Maryland Farmers are helping to save the bay. 

Can my child hold/pet a real bunny?
Probably!  We don’t want to guarantee that your child will be able to hold/pet a bunny.  Our first concern is for your child’s safety.  Our second concern is the safety of the bunnies.  We ask that your child sit on a bench, and we will place the bunny in your child’s lap or beside them.  If we notice the bunnies are getting tired of being handled, we may need to give them a break.

Will the Easter Bunny be there to visit?
New for 2023, the Easter Bunny will be available periodically throughout the day.  We understand that some kids are weary of costume characters so we will try to only have the Easter Bunny make periodic visits. 

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