Stock the Freezer  

72 lbs 

Value $550 


You get...

Ground Beef 20 lbs

Sausage Links (Mix n Match) 10 lbs

Bacon 5 lbs

Beef Roasts (Chuck, Bottom Round or Rump) 15 lbs

Scrapple or Ground Beef 10 lbs

Pork Loin Roast or Ham 12 lbs

​Over $70 Savings

Sunday Breakfast & Dinners 

24 lbs 

Value $197

SALE PRICE   $169   

You get...

Bottom Round Roast 8 lbs

Pork Loin Roast 8 lbs

Bacon 3 lbs

Sausage Links 3 lbs

Scrapple 2 lbs

Contact us to place your order and for availability.

No substitutions on meat packages.

Weights are approximate, we will try to get as close a possible to fill your order.  

Ready for the Smoker 

38 lbs 

Value $300 

SALE PRICE   $259   

You get...

Brisket 10 lbs

Pork Shoulder 10 lbs

Sausage Grillers 3 lbs (your flavor choice)

Beef Bottom Round Roasts 8 lbs

Spare Ribs 7 lbs

​Over $40 Savings

Package Deals

Griller's Pack

18 lbs 

Value $153 

SALE PRICE   $129    

You get...

Hamburger Patties 4 packs (8 patties)

Sirloin Tip Steaks  6 lbs

Sausage Grillers (Mix n Match)  5 lbs

London Broil  4 lbs​


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