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Horsmon Farm is a 4th generation farm, now under the stewardship of JR and Cathy Cosgrove, who is the daughter of Dickie and Phyllis Horsmon. JR and Cathy continue to raise the beautiful mums and pumpkins that Horsmon Farm is known for. And they’ve expanded the farm, adding farm raised meats, produce and educational farm activities and tours. 

The Cosgrove's raise Black Angus Cattle, known to produce high quality beef. The cattle live their whole life green pastures that are planted seasonally to thrive in the unique Southern Maryland climate. While still on pastures the cattle are supplemented with some grain to ensure proper growth and nutrition.
The Pasture Raised Pigs are a mixed breed, generally a heritage breed crossed with a modern breed. This selective breeding helps to ensure a healthy animal that will produce the best quality tasting pork. The pigs have free choice of high quality grain feed and constant access to pasture where they are able to root and forage for their favorite treats like chickweed and acorns. 

During the summer months the Cosgroves are busy raising produce for their new produce and meat weekly membership program.  While many customers enjoy the scenic drive down to the farm to pick up their box, delivery is offered also.  In these boxes customers can find some of the best produce Horsmon Farm and Southern Maryland has to offer.  

Agriculture Education is an important aspect of Horsmon Farm. During the fall season, the farm offers many fun family activities on the weekends. Cathy Cosgrove hosts field trips during the weekdays for both public and private schools as well as daycares. Pre-school aged children will learn that the food they eat every day comes from a farm and NOT just from the grocery store. Older students learn the purpose of animals on the farm and how good agricultural practices help protect the environment. 

JR and Cathy Cosgrove were awarded the 2015 Calvert County Soil Conservationists of the Year.


The Cosgrove Family receives the 2015 Cooperator of the Year award for their implementation of conservation practices while simultaneously transitioning to a different agricultural operation. The Cosgrove Family owns one farm and operates four others in Saint Leonard. The 55-acre Horsmon Farm has been a family farm for four generations.

JR Cosgrove, wife Cathy, two children Kaitlyn and Wesley, and father-in-law Richard Horsmon work together on Horsmon Farm. Horsmon Farm provides a variety of agricultural products including mums, pumpkins, gourds, straw, hay, beef, pork, and chickens along with a variety of agritourism activities.

JR Cosgrove grew up raising tobacco and grain and became a cooperator in 2010. Before the current agritourism, livestock, and hay operation, the farm grew tobacco. JR’s mother-in-law Phyllis Horsmon was the driving force to diversify the farm away from tobacco and focus on mums and fall products. JR and Cathy have expanded on the fall sales to include agritourism and meats. 

JR is currently working with the District to self-install his current contract for fence, a watering facility, and pasture planting through the federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). He has innovatively planted Bermudagrass as a warm
season forage for grazing under this contract. He also participated in a previous EQIP contract for self- installed practices, which included pasture plantings, fencing, a watering facility, and a roof runoff structure. These contracts have ensured conservation is a key element throughout Horsmon Farm’s agricultural operation.

JR participated in the Maryland Department of Agriculture Cover Crop program in 2014 and 2015 and he has utilized the District’s Equipment Rental Program. He has implemented practices such as waste utilization, crop rotation, forage harvest management, residue management, and stripcropping. Future operational and conservation goals include expanding spring agritourism opportunities and a waste management structure.

For incorporating conservation throughout the operational changes of Horsmon Farm, the Cosgrove Family is presented the 2015 Cooperator of the Year. 


Cathy & JR Cosgrove with kids Kaitlyn and Wesley and Cathy's Dad, Dickie Horsmon 

Dickie Horsmon, early 1980s