How much meat/produce is in a delivery?
Weekly meat delivery is 3 different varieties of beef/pork and occasional chicken (new for 2024).  Usually, each type is enough to serve 3-4 people. Generally, there is one breakfast meat and two other cuts.  Pork Chops, Ham Steaks, Ground Beef, Dinner Sausage, Roasts and Steak
Produce will be about a ½ bushel box full of seasonal, local veggies and fruit.  

 How will my order be packaged and delivered?
First time meat subscription orders are packed in an insulated bag for you to keep/reuse.  We recommend you setting a cooler out or the insulated bag for future deliveries.  Produce will be delivered in a wax produce box with your label.  We will have 2 produce boxes made up for you to exchange with us each week.  We look for a shady area to leave your produce box and meat.  

When/Where will you deliver?
We deliver anywhere in Calvert County.  In the past we have delivered North County on Tuesdays and South County on Wednesdays. Prince Frederick is usually grouped with South County but depending on location and the number of orders we may need to adjust the route.  We start delivery around 3pm and try to be done by 8pm, we try to time this with cooler evening hours and customers arriving home from work. 

Can I pick my order up at the farm?
Yes, pick up is available on farm. The first week we will have a scheduled time for pick up so we can show you where your order will be.  After first week it will be self-serve and pick up times will be more flexible. 

 Can I customize my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot customize your order.   We pack the meat and produce boxes in an assembly line order.  We do offer add ons when available.  We will gather these extra items before we leave the farm. Just send an email before noon on your delivery day.  

Will I know what I am getting each week?
Most of the time you will get an email the evening/night before your delivery letting you know what to expect. 

Can I add on to my order?
The evening before your delivery you will receive an email letting you know what Add Ons are available.  Let us know what you’d like before noon the day of your delivery.

Do you grow/raise all the produce/meat I will receive?
On Horsmon Farm we specialize in Black Angus beef cattle and pasture pork. I grow some of the produce and specialty crops but I also have some great local sources that can grow a variety of produce.  We work together to offer some of the best, seasonal fruits and vegetables our area has to offer. 

Call or Email to check availability

​443-532-5761 • inquire@horsmonfarm.com