Spring Private Field Trips can be scheduled any day after Easter.  Activities and lessons may vary depending on the season.  Include planting a seed to take home. 

Fall Private Field Trips can be scheduled for Monday thru Thursdays in October.  Include a small pumpkin while supplies last. 

Group rates are $10 per person including chaperones. Teachers are free. (Minimum 50 kids) All money must be collected by teacher or administrator before exiting school bus at farm. (20-49 Kids - $12.50 each)

Larger groups will be divided into smaller groups.  No more than 30 kids/adults per group.  Depending on the size of the group rotations will be done to ensure each group has time at each activity/location.

If you will be staying here for lunchtime.  Please bring a picnic lunch along with picnic blankets. We have some picnic tables but may not have enough if everyone is having lunch at the same time.  

Your lesson can be customized to reflect on what you are teaching in school.  Just let us know and we are happy to accommodate your group.  

Bring the farm lesson & animals to your school. Save the bus fare and let us come to you. $10 per child, minimum of 60 kids.  Lesson can vary depending on the season, age of kids and your preference of lesson to reflect what you are teaching.  

Lesson Options:

  • Where does your food come from?
  • Planting and how a seed grows, baby animals
  • Harvest and the plant lifecycle

Lesson for older kids:

  • Calvert County Farm History, Tobacco to now
  • Soil Conservation - How Maryland farmer are helping to improve the environment

Call or email to book your group:

schools, daycares and mom's groups welcome