We can bring the farm animals to you!

*Pony, Goat, Sheep, Pigs, Donkey, Rabbits & Chicks

$450 for the 1st hour

$150 each additional hour

Mini - Petting Zoo
Pig or Goat, Rabbits, Guinea Pig & Chicks
$200 for the 1st hour
$50 for each additional hour


Tractor, Hayride Wagon & Driver Rental (Holds 20-30 people)

$300 for the 1st hour

($50 Discount for within 10 miles to Farm)

$75 for each additional hour

Service Area

Pricing is for Calvert, St. Marys & Charles Counties

Please inquire about PG and AA Counties

** Your event is booked when deposit is paid​​

To Book Your Event

Email:  inquire@horsmonfarm.com


What areas do you service?

For 2024 we are only servicing Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, Southern Anne Arundel and Southern PG Counties. We plan to expand next year. 

What Animals will you bring?
Our Mobile Petting Zoo can be either a pony or mini donkey + goats + sheep/lamb + Kunekune pig + bunnies. Depending on availability chicks, ducklings or guinea pigs may be available. No animals will be guaranteed to attend the mobile petting zoo.  Horsmon Farm LLC employees will have the final say whether an animal is healthy and has the demeanor to be a part of the petting zoo that day.  At any time our employees may remove an animal from the petting zoo area for the safety of the attendees, employees of Horsmon Farm and safety of the animals.  Please discuss preferences upon your booking so we can try to make accommodations. 

What do I need to provide?
1. Flat area to set up, preferably grass and close to an area we can park our trailer.

2. Grassy areas will need to be untreated for several weeks before we arrive. 

​3. No animal visits until we are fully set up and no animals visits while we are packing up.

4. All pets must be put away and kept out of sight/sound of the mobile petting zoo. 

What about the animals mess?
Naturally, animals will leave some free fertilizer (manure). We will clean up the larger clumps of manure but smaller pellets will be left.  Your grass may get "trimmed" where the animals are also. 

What should I expect when you arrive?

We will arrive approximately 1 hour before our scheduled time to set up, during this time we ask that everyone refrain from visiting until we are set up.