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Reason for Farming

Farmers have many obstacles stacked against them but yet Cathy and JR continue to follow their passion.  The most rewarding days are after a hard days work..  Being able to provide some of the best tasting meats and produce is what makes our way of life worth living. 


Off-Season Hours:

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Offering an educational farm experience to elementary aged children. Whether public or private school we have so much to see and do here.  Click below to find out more. 

The Subscription delivery program we offer runs from mid June through mid September.  Weekly deliveries have some of the best local seasonal produce and/or Horsmon Farm beef and pork

Our Family Farm

Horsmon Farm has been in the Horsmon Family since 1925. Cathy and JR Cosgrove are the owners of Horsmon Farm.  Cathy's maiden name is Horsmon.  She was raised by two wonderful parents, Dickie and Phyllis Horsmon, who taught her the meaning of hard work.  JR grew up on his family farm in Prince Frederick.  Cathy and JR met in High School and started dating their senior year.  They are keeping the love of farming going with two very hard working kids. 

Providing vine ripe tomatoes, the sweetest watermelons and some of the best cantaloupes you've ever had.  We also grow unique items like Korean Melons and traditional produce too.

5 Generations of Farming

Beef & Pork

  • Field Grown Mums & Fall Decor
  • Seasonal Farm Visits & Activities
  • All Natural Beef & Pork
  • Fresh Produce
  • Weekly, Summer Delivery
  • Farm Stand
  • Hay & Straw

Here at Horsmon Farm we raise Black Angus beef cattle and pasture pigs.  Our animals are fed the best quality hay and feed to ensure the best meat. Click below to find out more.